How Getting Away Improves Your Life

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When you take the time to get away from daily life, you empower yourself to handle anything that life can throw your way. A change of scene makes an incredible difference. Unfortunately, Americans are infamously bad at taking the time to breathe. We work extremely hard in America, and many of us dismiss breaks in the name of achieving one more thing. As a result, we are a country of exhausted people! Not only that, we’re sick and our relationships often suffer from our work ethics. The good news is, there are ways to find a balance.

At The Porches of Steamboat, we specialize in providing a place where you can enjoy the best that luxury real estate has to offer, including a safe place to find some relief from the busyness of everyday life. Our gorgeous homes come in many different sizes, and they are the most beautiful luxury homes in Steamboat Springs.

In today’s blog, we’re going to share insights into how some time away from the daily grind can improve your life.

Getting Away Helps You Focus

  • If you’re stressed for a long period of time, it’s called chronic stress. Studies have shown that chronic stress actually creates memory problems and inhibits the part of your brain that you use to focus on goals. On the other hand, studies also show that people who take breaks and get away have more energy and ability to take on challenges. If you feel distracted or blocked, chances are good that you’re struggling with chronic stress syndrome and it’s time to make a getaway at your beautiful Steamboat luxury home with The Porches of Steamboat.

Getting Away Improves Your Sleep

  • When you travel to a new place and give yourself the chance to sleep in, studies have proven that you will experience the benefits long after your time away. Studies on people who regularly get away prove that they experience around 20 percent improvement to their sleep. Sleeping in will give you about an hour more of quality sleep. Do that long enough, and you’ll find the benefits carry over when you return to the daily grind.

Getting Away Helps You Lose Weight

  • When asked, a majority of people dissatisfied with their weight will admit to eating to relieve stress. As if that isn’t difficult enough, being stressed boosts hormones like cortisol, which are connected to weight gain and belly fat. Unfortunately, weight gain and belly fat are linked to heart disease. The good news is, studies have shown that people who escape the daily grind have lower stress and more energy. As a result, they don’t stress-eat and they are more active, which leads to weight loss.

Keeping yourself healthy and happy is easier when you own a luxury home in Steamboat Springs. We offer full, half, and fractional ownership of our luxury real estate, and when you live with us, you get access to world-class services and amenities. We not only offer a shuttle that can take you around Steamboat Springs, we also provide door-to-door ski valet services and beyond.