3 Epic Running Events in Steamboat Springs

One of the first Olympic events to ever exist was the marathon. The distance and event name came about around 490 BC when a Greek messenger ran 26.2 miles from the battle of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Greeks had defeated the Persians. Of course, the messenger died from his run but we know today that many individuals can successfully run this distance in order to prove their athletic prowess.

Previously, we mentioned some of the benefits of training and running at a high altitude. What better place to do this than in Steamboat Springs, Colorado? When you invest in fractional ownership at The Porches of Steamboat, you gain a minimum of six weeks in this beautiful mountain town. If you love to run and are looking for some amazing races for when you’re on vacation, take a look at these top choices for when you come stay and play in Steamboat.

Steamboat Marathon, Half, and 10K

With 1100 runners, this race takes place the beginning of June every year. It’s ranked one of the top ten destination marathons in the United States, and anyone who has participated in it knows why. This marathon runs through the valley outside of Steamboat and takes runners along the banks of the Elk River. With a variety of distances, don’t miss out on this race!

Continental Divide Trail Run

Known for the Continental Divide, Steamboat Springs hosts this trail run each year with both a 50K race and 16M race for running enthusiasts. This trail run takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery Steamboat Springs has to offer as you start near Fish Creek Falls and end at the top of the gondola. Get ready for elevation increases on this one!

Run Rabbit Run

For those who love distance, Run Rabbit Run has both a 50 and 100 mile ultra marathon that is held at Steamboat each year. Definitely arrive early, stay at your vacation home, and give yourself time to adjust to the altitude before you take on these whoppers of a run!

If you love to run, you can’t pass up on fractional ownership at The Porches of Steamboat so you can experience these amazing runs.