3 Reasons to Choose a Local Lender

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Finding the perfect home to turn into your vacation home, or even your full time home, here in Steamboat Springs is challenging, but not when you’re looking at The Porches. Our layouts are incredible, the homes are cozy, and our neighborhood is one that you’ll quickly feel at home in. The homes here sell themselves, so what’s the next step? Finding a reliable lender.

While we may be biased on the quality of professionals and businesses here in the area, we know that there truly is no better option than going with a local lender when you’re buying a home in the area. If you’re currently going through the process of trying to find a lender for your home, here are just a few of the reasons that working with a local lender will be the best choice.

They Live Here

Understanding mortgages and lenders is one thing, but understanding the area and the circumstances that it comes with is another. Of course you can always go with a lender that will have a familiar name, nothing compares to working with a mortgage broker or lender that has an idea of what you’re going through. Not only does that allow them to be more helpful with things that will be required for your loan, but they’re able to understand the process from their own experience.

These individuals live here, and likely went through a very similar process in order to own their home. This familiar face will not only be aware and knowledgeable on the types of things that make living and getting a loan in Steamboat Springs such a prestigious thing, but they’ll be easily accessible to help you work through any of your questions. It’s always much more comforting when you can put a face and name to someone that you’re trusting with finances.


There is no doubt that community plays a major part in the lives of all Steamboat Springs individuals, but as a business owner, well, let’s just say we have an unspoken bond. Having a business or property in Steamboat isn’t always easy, but when we work together we’re able to make this town the great place that it is.

When you work with local lenders, you are directly helping the area that you’re planning to move to, which is a pretty incredible thing. This keeps the town going, helps people become more than just professional acquaintances, but friends. Because of that, you can expect a different type of experience than what you’re accustomed to.

This factor usually means that you’re getting a higher level of customer service, an individual on the other end of the line that you know is working hard to find the absolute best options for you and your family. While you might be able to find someone that is more commonly known, you won’t be able to beat working with someone that genuinely cares and provides you with the best results.

Ahead of the Game

One of the issues that we see most common with out of town lenders is that they’re unable to provide loans due to issues in the area. Unfortunately, more often than not, these lenders aren’t even aware that they can’t offer the assistance until you are right on the verge of completing the process or, sometimes, even closing.

Rather than trust the chance of having an out of town lender hope that they can offer you a loan, you can work directly with individuals who understand issues that are sure to come up in the process before they do. This can make the overall process of working with a lender less stressful, but also allow for you to feel comfortable with the person that’s taking care of you throughout.

There are plenty of other reasons why working with a local lender is a great option, but these three are some that you’ll notice immediately. When you’re dealing with the future of your home, the opportunity of a credible lender, and money that you’ve worked hard to invest into a vacation home, you want to know that the immediate person that you’re working with is someone you can rely on, and that the process of finding a lender isn’t a stressful or regrettable experience. The best way to do that is by picking someone who isn’t just a name in some town, they’re a familiar face that you call friend.

We hope that you’ve found your future home in one of our beautiful layouts, and we hope that you can find a partner in a local lender. These individuals, like you, have found a place that they can call home in the beautiful scenery that is Steamboat Springs.

As always, thank you for stopping by our blog space. We will continue to provide you with helpful information that shows you just how fantastic of a neighborhood the Porches is.