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A local florist opens her dream space in downtown Steamboat this summer

Steamboat Springs is home to a plethora of entrepreneurs…. Big Agnes, Honey Stinger, Smartwool, and Grass Sticks just to name a few. One young entrepreneur continuing this legacy is Caroline Jordan, founder of Linden Co., a floristry located right here in the heart of the Yampa Valley.

Caroline is changing the floral design game with her bold designs that blend pops of color and a bit of wildness to create stunning arrangements. Scroll through Linden Co.’s Instagram feed and you’ll be overwhelmed with bouquets and centerpieces each as striking as the next. Every piece Caroline creates is a true testament to her creative spirit and unique eye.

In her next venture Caroline is opening a shop downtown this spring with a strong focus in mind, “my goal with this new retail space is to of course, have fresh flowers and plants, but also create a creative hub for all types of art, collaboration opportunities, and a space you want to come in and enjoy.” If her previous work is any indication this shop is sure to be worth a visit.

We took the opportunity to get to know Caroline, and Linden Co., behind the scenes.

Tell us about yourself:

I grew up riding horses and playing on the beach in New Jersey as a kid. As a 27-year-old girl I probably have more in common with your grandfather than you would expect. I love Louie Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, long walks on dirt roads, and a good sweater. Although, it was the adventures of the Rocky Mountains that gave a strong push for me to move out here after high school to attend the University of Colorado.

How did you end up in Steamboat?

I loved the mountains, the grandness of them, the opportunity to sleep outside, make fires, raft, and ski. After two years at CU, I made my way to Steamboat Springs. It was not a total coincidence though. My mom and dad took me and my siblings skiing out here as little kids. My parents bought a condo right on the hill when I was about six, and I still remember asking my mom to braid my hair like Picabo Street (an Olympic Gold medalist ski racer). What was supposed to be a short semester off of college in order to take a prerequisite math class for a transfer to CSU, turned into a love affair that I cannot tear myself away from.

What do you love about Steamboat?

I love Steamboat, because even though I am far from where I grew up and my family, I have found an incredible community of people who are supportive, kind, and absolutely love their town. There is nothing more important to calling a place your home than that. It is the kind of place that makes you want to be a better person, to enrich and give back, so you deserve to live in such a beautiful place.  

What activities do you do here in Steamboat?

I absolutely love hiking with my dogs in the summer, taking them out to cross country ski in the winter. A great morning skiing powder on the mountain and then hitting up T-Bar for après is a pretty impossible day to beat.  In the summer, best days spent when not working would include biking downtown for art walk or the farmers market, and floating the Yampa with friends. Also, I am learning to fish this summer!

How did you decide to start Linden Co.?

Not unlike many other small businesses, I sort of stumbled on an opportunity and it turned out to be a true passion of mine. I was actually waiting to attend the Culinary Institute of America and picked up some work at a small flower shop with absolutely no experience. My boss was (and still is) a legitimate angel that is living among humans. She allowed my overly controlling personality and unruly creativity to be set free and let me run with it, figuring out things as I went along. I learned a lot that year, and quite frankly each year since has come with a new record-breaking amount of life lessons. The simple answer is; I started Linden Co. because I genuinely love flowers, I love seeing other people enjoy them. I think there is so much in this life to celebrate, even when things seem dark; flowers are the perfect example of that.

Where do you draw inspiration?

Linden Co. is a cultivation of things that have really inspired me, establishments that serve a great product, and the natural beauty all around me. I draw inspiration from the seasons, the different color palettes that each brings. I always try to compliment what is going on outside in some way. My goal with this new retail space is to of course, have fresh flowers and plants, but also create a creative hub for all types of art, collaboration opportunities, and a space you want to come in and enjoy.

What are you favorite Colorado native flowers to use?

I always stop at Red Daisy Farm when I am sourcing in Denver to see Meg who runs a small flower farm out by DIA. If she has red cosmos or rudbeckia, I always go for them! She also has some absolutely killer dahlias when the season comes around.

For more information on Linden Co. for weddings or other events contact Caroline.