The Advantages of Fractional Ownership

The Rocky Mountains offer unparalleled beauty all year, and Steamboat Springs is the perfect place to experience it. Whether you love the sun and wildflowers of summer, the vivid colors of fall, or the snow of winter and spring, The Porches at Steamboat are ready to give you the best vacation experience of your life.

In our last blog, we explored two of the advantages to fractional ownership, including sharing tasks and the cost of upgrades. Fractional ownership is a phenomenal way to enjoy the benefits of vacation home ownership without the burden of doing it alone.

Access to the best

  • The better the home, the more expensive it can be. Fractional ownership opens up these more expensive locations for buying – and for selling. If you get into fractional ownership and need to sell, you will be in great shape.

Less vacancy

  • No home benefits from being left empty and still a majority of the year. Because more people will be in the home more often, chances are slim that you will show up for your vacation to find a pipe burst two months ago and has caused huge damage. Someone will be there to identify and fix the issue!
  • If you are worried about getting your fair share of time in the home, don’t worry. Most families cannot spend more than three to four weeks in their vacation home, so no matter how many families own the home, you will get a great amount of time.

Our luxury vacation homes for sale feature unique layouts replete with cozy bunk beds, big fireplaces, and, of course, porches! Whatever size or feel you want, we can provide it. If you feel you cannot afford it, contact us about fractional ownership!