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Inheriting a love for Steamboat, one generation at a time…

For one Texas family, Steamboat and The Porches, have become more than just a home away from home. For over two decades, the Becci family has been travelling to Steamboat to spend quality time together and take in the great outdoors. Over a decade ago they joined our Porches family and through the years, we have watched their daughters grow into young women, setting out on their own path, and beginning their own families.

It has become very clear that a love and passion for Steamboat and The Porches community is a legacy that is sure to live on from generation to generation. We caught up with the Becci’s oldest daughter, Meredith, to learn what this magical valley means to her as she begins bringing her own son here.

Tell us about your family…

My family lives in Houston and that is also where I grew up. My husband, Zack, is from Denver, and we have a one year old son, Benjamin. We enjoy going on walks, swimming in our pool, traveling and spending time in Colorado to hike, ski and fly fish.

What brought you to Steamboat?

I started coming to Steamboat with my family when I was a child. It was recommended to us as a great town for families with a ski mountain for all levels. My sister and I both learned how to ski in Steamboat and still love skiing here today.

What do you love about Steamboat? Activities that you enjoy?

Aside from being a ski mountain, Steamboat is an actual town. There is always so much to do. Whether it is the Winter Carnival, the Torchlight Parade or the Balloon Festival, there is always an event that I can enjoy with my family. During the winter, I like to go skiing, backcountry skiing, particularly, Steamboat PowderCats, and snow shoeing. During the summer, I love walking by the river, fly fishing, floating the river and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

What has The Porches and Steamboat meant to you? What do you hope it means to your son?

Both the Porches and Steamboat have always been a special place where my family gets together to spend time with one another, explore the outdoors and celebrate holidays and special occasions. Since we have been coming here for over 20 years, we have so many fun and happy memories. I got engaged and married in Steamboat, so it has an extra special place in my heart. For Benjamin, I hope it is a place where he is able to grow his love of the outdoors and the mountains and where he is able to have many fond memories for years to come. Lastly, I hope he loves skiing just as much as his parents and enjoys going fishing with my Dad (also known as Grandpa).

What do you enjoy about The Porches experience?

The people, the community, and feeling of home are a large part of what makes The Porches experience. The people are always friendly, we have got to know our neighbors, and it is definitely a place that my family calls home.


Favorite restaurants: My list is long; Mambo Italiano, Ore House, Mahogany Ridge, Laundry, Creekside and Freshies. Too many! We love that Steamboat has so many great restaurants. During the summer, we like to have a drink or appetizer outside by the river at E3. We also like to walk up to mountain to Truffle Pig for dessert.

Favorite hikes or trails: During the summer, the Devil’s Causeway, Hahn’s Peak Trail and Spring Creek Trail are always fun. During the winter, my husband always wants to hike up the mountain on snow shoes. Last winter, he snowshoed up the mountain to Thunderhead with little Benjamin on his back while I skied. I am not sure that was the safest idea, but Benjamin loved it.

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