All in the Family


This extended New Jersey family of 11 (with one on the way) makes time at The Porches a family affair.

When Bob and Joan Boglioli chose to retire in Steamboat in 2004, moving to The Porches was an easy decision. They were renting a place nearby and decided to tour the model home, which was the only house that had been built at that point. An hour after touring the property, they walked back in and told Bruce Shugart (developer & builder of The Porches) they were ready to buy.

Originally a family of six, two of the four grown children, Ally and Drew moved back in. Since then, they’ve been blessed with five grandchildren and one on the way. We caught up with the Boglioli’s daughter Ally, who is one of the kids living in Steamboat during the summers to talk Barn parties, her horse Tango, and her obsession with playing outdoors.


How did you discover Steamboat? Where are you from originally?

We are from New Jersey. My family has been coming to Steamboat since ’91. I was only 1 years old at the time, but my folks had come to visit with some friends from back east and fell in love with the town. It was a much more family-oriented community which is what they loved about it.

Why did you decide to purchase a home here? Why Steamboat?

My folks have loved Steamboat for a long time, and it quickly became clear to them that they wanted to be able to retire here. We had been renting a place in Cornerstone right above The Porches. This was back in March of 2003 when the only thing in the neighborhood was the model! My parents decided to take a drive and said, “Let’s go take a walk through and see what it’s all about.” They met Bruce that day and heard about his vision for The Porches. An hour later, they walked back into the model and told Bruce they wanted to buy a unit. By winter of 2004, the Boglioli family was enjoying their first Porches Christmas in Steamboat.

Tell us a little about your family.

We’ve grown to be a rather large bunch since 2004. My parents are amazing, and can often be seen zooming in and out of the neighborhood on their bikes. They are incredibly active and fit. I have an older brother, Steve, who has three beautiful little girls with his wife. My sister, Whitney, and her husband have a spunky 3-year-old daughter and equally spunky 2-year-old son, and a little one still in the oven! And my younger brother, Drew, lives at The Porches. He has been living in Steamboat for the last two years, works at Win Supply on the west end of town, and participates in the STARS program.

Why did you choose The Porches? What do you like about living here?

I did not have much to do with choosing The Porches, but I could not be happier with my parent’s decision. It has allowed me to spend my summers in Steamboat, working at Fuzziwig’s and enjoying all this town has to offer. I wouldn’t be living and working here post-college had we not experienced this community. It’s a family neighborhood. Everyone knows everyone, and we all get to know each other better through the Barn parties and various events. The Porches staff does a fantastic job of bringing everyone together, getting to know us all, and making owners and renters alike very welcome. To me, they have become an extension of our family.

What are some of your favorite Steamboat activities?
I have so many favorite Steamboat activities that I can’t even accomplish them all! First and foremost, I would have to say riding my horse, Tango. We go out on trail rides, compete at Gymkhanas on Thursday nights, and just get to enjoy living in paradise. Anything outdoors— hiking, biking, tubing, skiing, snowshoeing—whatever the season, getting outside and playing is another favorite. In the summer, you will find me at the rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights, either working or just enjoying the competition! Honestly, this barely skims the surface of my favorite Steamboat activities. And nobody can deny how good it feels to take a lazy tube ride down the river on a hot summer day. This town has so much to offer, I say try it all!