Perks Of Mountain Living

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Mountain living has more benefits than you might think. On top of the beautiful scenery and the many outdoor activities that you have access to, mountain living is also good for both your mind and your body! When you have a vacation home in Steamboat Springs at The Porches, you’ll not only love the luxury real estate that you will call home, but you’ll also love the way that living in the mountains impacts your health, both mentally and physically.

How You Can Benefit From Mountain Living

#1. You’ll boost your Vitamin D levels.

Most Americans tend to be Vitamin D deficient. From the lack of spending time in the sun to not getting enough nutrients in our food, Vitamin D is one nutrient that most people are in need of. When you live in the mountains, you will be able to greatly increase your Vitamin D levels. Living in the mountains offers so many outdoor activities and beautiful scenery, it will be hard to resist the call to get outside and explore. The more time you spend outdoors, the more you will benefit from the Vitamin D that the sun provides.

#2. You’ll boost your ability to concentrate and your creativity.

Again, being outdoors is the perfect fuel for a healthier body and mind, and living in the mountains offers so many opportunities to spend time outside. When you get the chance to get outside, even if you just go for a walk, you will not only boost your level of physical activity, but being outside has also been proven to increase your brain’s ability to think more creatively and to concentrate more. Walking through a park or a trail with more interesting scenery has also been linked to the ability to focus more than if you just walk through a neighborhood.

#3. You’ll boost your feelings of happiness.

People who lack the ability to get outside or who do not have access to nice views or pretty surroundings often report feelings of being less happy. Living in the mountains will always afford both the ability to take a walk in a location with beautiful views, and people who have the access to more sun exposure report feeling happier.

#4. You’ll boost your physical activity level.

Because you’ll always have the draw of nature calling you outside, it will be much easier to actually go outside and get active! If you’re used to getting a lot of physical activity, switching up your exercise routine to include more outdoor activities may even increase the amount of calories you burn and it could boost your level of enjoyment when it comes to working out.

#5. You’ll lower your stress level.

Being surrounded by nature has been proven to lower people’s stress levels as well as increase their ability to heal from physical ailments easier. People who spend more time in nature often report having fewer aches and pains than people who spend the majority of their time inside.

When you consider all of the benefits listed and you begin to think about how having a vacation home in Steamboat Springs could greatly impact your life for the better, call us here at The Porches to discuss the different options you have for owning luxury real estate in Steamboat Springs. The Porches offers both whole and fractional ownership options, depending on how much time you would like to spend at your home in Steamboat Springs. Knowing that you have a place you can call home in a location that will benefit you both mentally and physically is ideal for anyone looking to purchase a vacation home.