The Best Location is at The Porches

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When you are looking to own a piece of paradise, you have options!  Owning a vacation home or second residence is truly a perk of the good life that you enjoy no matter where you are. When you are contemplating real estate for a second home, be it half the year or just for vacations, there are some important factors to consider. The Porches of Steamboat can put you in a dream home in a dream location.

Location Location Location

Everyone knows that the location of your second home determines its worth, both to you and it’s resale value in the future. The last thing you want in a vacation home is to feel like you never left the city. You want to hear the silence that a new snowfall creates, not the sound of cars emergency vehicles. You want to see wildlife scurrying by, not the lights of the city. You want to smell pines, not diesel. And you want to feel the space around you, the freedom that a mountain side can offer your senses, not the closed in feeling of being crowded in a town. The Porches offers you all the sensory pleasure you want in a mountain home, and all the luxury you expect of this level of real estate.

The Porches is located on a 16-acre location at the base of the ski runs of Steamboat Ski Resort, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and even from the charming town of Steamboat. It’s close enough to zip over for some wine or cheese, but there is enough distance to make you feel like you are in your very own mountain paradise. Once you step inside, uncork that wine, get the cheese and crackers spread out, and sit down to enjoy, you’ll realize that the location has more gifts to give. A spectacular view from practically every window tells you that you made the right choice.

Quality Luxury Homes

These luxurious homes come in varying sizes, from 4,000 to 5,000 square feet, and even larger. The style is at the junction of Craftsman and Chalet with a handcrafted, mountain feel. They have hand hewn beams, professional kitchens, the finest cabinetry, impressive stone fireplaces, and interior decor that can best be described as transitional, with traditional, rustic, and modern elements.

There are seven base models to choose from, each one with walk in showers, ample sleeping spaces and enough entertainment from pool tables foosball and the like, to keep everyone entertained when they are not on the slopes.

The Barn

The Porches continues spoiling residents with this clubhouse. The 6000 square foot barn houses a gym, coffee, public gathering spaces for lounging, a kids game room, a fire pit, a concierge desk, a steam room and has an outdoor pool and spa for your use. The barn is also the place to get the shuttle to make getting around easy.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a full, half or partial owner of one of these amazing mountain homes.