Born in a Barn


More’s Corner (also known as “The Barn”) is at the heart of The Porches in more ways than one.

Most people know of the old barn that’s become an iconic Steamboat image; the old log barn with views of the ski area in the background represents the town’s dual heritage of ranching and skiing. It’s not that particular barn so much as what it represents that was the inspiration for the architecture and design of More’s Corner.

Also known simply as “The Barn,” More’s Corner is at the center of life at The Porches. As a central clubhouse and gathering place, it houses all of the top-notch amenities that separate The Porches from any other neighborhood in Steamboat including a pool, hot tub, state-of-the-art fitness center, and living room/gathering space. The Porches at More’s Corner, named for the family that owned and ranched in the area where The Porches is located today, its design is a deferential homage to the past with a modern interpretation. The result is a space that is not only beautiful and functional, but most importantly, feels like home. “A barn is the heart and soul of a ranch or farm, so that was our inspiration,” says Bruce Shugart, owner of Structural Associates who is the custom builder behind The Porches.

We caught up with Bruce to talk about old, new, and the difference between a custom builder and a developer.


What was the inspiration for the design of The Barn?

More’s Corner was named after the family that owned and ranched in the area. We wanted to honor the Steamboat tradition that the More family represented. And we wanted to honor the iconic Steamboat barn but with a modern interpretation of this old landmark. One of the primary features are the three dormers on either side, which is not something you would see in a standard barn. We had custom chandeliers built to cast light through the high dormer windows thereby creating a beacon of light identifying the focal centerpiece of the neighborhood.


What were some of the structural materials used for the interior/exterior that reflect that inspiration?

We used reclaimed barnwood for our floors and ceilings that dates back to the 1890s. The ceiling has all original wood from old barns in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. The structure is built in the post and beam style as a nod to the tradition of old barn assemblies. The Barn is comfortable, not pretentious.


The design of The Barn also reflects the design of The Porches homes. How were you able to achieve that in such a big commercial space?

We had to create a big space in terms of function. But our goal wasn’t to build something big and impressive, but to emulate a barn. The large space with truss and beams naturally draws the eye down and tends to compartmentalize the vast volume, creating a human scale and intimacy. It’s large but it’s still warm and cozy. The Barn’s modern interpretation design pulls the light and the natural surroundings in and fills the space with sunlight.


How does this space reflect The Porches lifestyle?

Steamboat is really family oriented and The Barn was designed as a place where people and their families can come together. The kids here have gotten to know each other over the years and families will coordinate their vacations so they can reconnect. But at the same time, the lifestyle at The Porches is twofold: you can interact when you choose to and you can be by yourself when you choose to. The homes were designed to create a real feeling of seclusion and privacy but The Barn is a designated space for people to gather. Our owners enjoy strolling over to The Barn to grab a warm cup of coffee and read the newspaper on the leather sofa in front of the 12’ wide Rancher’s Stone fireplace, soak in the hot tub after a long day of play or engage in a relaxing game of checkers with friends. It’s where our award winning staff is housed, which we’re very proud of. Our owners say they come for the quality of construction but they stay for staff.


What are some of the amenities you’re the most proud of?

Most developers will promise a fitness center, but they’ll wait until the last 25% of buildout because they don’t want to carry the expense. But instead of making idle promises we wanted to build it up front. As a result, we have some of the best amenities in town. People really love our workout facilities. “It’s a good space to be in; it just feels good.” We have HealthStyle commercial equipment and adequate space so it never feels crowded. People might ski all day, but they still come in to the gym to augment their program or wind down in our commercial steam room. Being active in Steamboat is a choice. It’s another example of how The Porches isn’t just a place to live—it’s a lifestyle.


For more information on The Barn or The Porches, please don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call at 866.992.0600.