Celebrating 14 years at The Porches

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See a side of Steamboat from a local born and raised in Steamboat Springs.

Emilie Crider, The Porches general manager, has been with the company since it began 14 years ago. She was there, as a dream of what The Porches could be became the incredible reality that it is today. As a Steamboat native Emilie has a unique perspective of what growing up in the valley is like and what makes Steamboat a special place to live today.

Even after over a decade at The Porches there is no other place she’d rather be and so much of what The Porches is we owe to her. Through Emilie’s role as general manager she’s cultivated a culture of dedication, hard work, and most importantly fun. Every day when she comes to work she brings with her a positive energy that is infectious amongst the staff.

This along with the incredible warm and welcoming people that we have at The Porches creates an atmosphere like none you’ve ever experienced. There is a reason so many of our employees return season after season, year after year. We are a community and family within our staff just as The Porches itself is a community.

What was it like growing up in Steamboat?

It was fun because all the amazing outdoor activities are at the tip of your fingers.  It’s also such a safe place to grow up that you have the freedom to do any activity you want even if you can’t be chaperoned. I spent most of my winters skiing and snowboarding and spent my summers rollerblading around town and swimming in the river.

What do you love about living here today?

I love waking up in the morning and seeing the beautiful sights; everyday on my way to work I take in the valley sunrise and am so thankful to get to live here.  When you walk out the door any outdoor activity you can think of is right there. The people here are fabulous and make day-to-day life a joy, as everyone is just so friendly.

What are your favorite activities to do in Steamboat?

I love hiking, skiing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, camping, and playing with my dogs. My two golden retrievers, Indiana Jones and Huckleberry Finn, are the perfect adventure buddies.

How did you end up at The Porches?

I started working in property management when I was 17 and when the previous company I worked for sold to a larger company I decided I wanted a change. Three others and myself decided we wanted to start our own management company that would stay small and really focus on making owners and guests happy.

The Porches of Steamboat was just being built and was looking for that type of management company and we have been great partners for the past 14 years.  It is a special place that creates lasting memories and good relationships and friendships between staff and owners.

After 14 years, what about The Porches keeps you here?

Everyday at The Porches is a different experience. I get to wear so many hats, metaphorically, it is fun to be a part of an ever-changing company that is always trying to go above and beyond for the people that live at and enjoy The Porches. You can tell how much everyone cares about our company and our guests and owners. They enjoy sharing their love of Steamboat with the people that visit and make genuine connections with everyone that walks in the door. Our small staff has grown close over the past few years and offers lots of giggles on a day-to-day basis making it a fun place to come every day.

For any questions about The Porches or for reservations, email our reservations team or call 970.879.0600.