Don’t Miss the Steamboat Pro Rodeo Series

dreamstime_xxl_990597Maybe you’ve considered buying a vacation home somewhere in Colorado so that you can ski each winter. That’s great! Steamboat Springs is the home of champagne powder, and with the oldest ski slope in Colorado at Howelsen Hill, you can’t go wrong investing in property here. However, the winter isn’t the only time to come out and enjoy your vacation home. With a minimum of six weeks of fractional ownership at The Porches of Steamboat, consider coming out for the Pro Rodeo Series that is held in Steamboat each summer. We promise that it’s something you won’t want to miss!

Held most every Friday and Saturday night from June through August, the Pro Rodeo Series highlights some of the best in the industry. The Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series has a rich history for this small town. Dating back over 100 years, the rodeo simply started as a group of people getting together and testing their skills.

Now, spectators of all sorts can mosey down to the Brent Romick Arena, where this award-winning rodeo takes place each summer. While the rodeo’s roots may be humble, in 1989 the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association sanctioned the 10-week series as part of the Pro Rodeo circuit, and it has been that way since.

If you decide that Steamboat Springs is the perfect place to invest in a vacation home, and we assure you it truly is, then you’re going to need to know a little something about the events that go on at the Pro Rodeo each summer.

Barrel Racing

This is one of the few events that is dominated by women. Each horse and rider team runs full speed into the arena and executes a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. This takes exacting skill on both the rider’s part and the horse’s in order to turn tightly around the barrels without knocking them over. The team who finishes with the best time without tipping a barrel wins the event.

Steer Wrestling

While this is an independent event, it does need two riders. A young steer is released from the pen, followed quickly by the two riders. One rider will wait for the right moment in order to slide out of his saddle, hook his arms around the steer’s horns, and twist him to the ground. The rider that can pin their steer to the ground the quickest wins.

Bull Riding

Definitely the crown jewel of the rodeo, bull riding takes courage, strength, and skill in order to be successful. The goal is to ride the selected bull for a total of eight seconds. The rider is only allowed to hold on with one hand, while using the other to help balance themselves. Each bull behaves differently and requires the ability to instantly adapt to the unique movements. Scoring gets a little tricky as time accounts for half the score, while style and technique account for the other half.

With so many different activities year-round, how could you say no to investing in a vacation home in Steamboat Springs? Call us today to get started and don’t miss out on the rodeo this summer!