Enjoy Fall in Steamboat Springs with Us!

Some people forget Steamboat Springs in the fall, deciding to wait until the snow shows up to visit instead. That just makes things more pleasant for the people who know that fall is one of the the best seasons in the Rocky Mountains. The summer heat and crowds fade away, leaving cool air and quiet trails crowned in blazing color. The evenings and mornings are cold, which means you can explore all day without overheating and then get cozy in front of a fire as the temperature gets chilly. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get to see the first snowflakes of the season!

At The Porches of Steamboat, we absolutely love fall. In our last blog, we discussed two great things to do in Steamboat Springs during the fall, including hiking and downhill cycling. Today, we have a few more things you can’t afford to miss!

Enjoy golfing at its best

Without a doubt, fall is the best time for golfing. The cooler temperatures keep you from getting too hot; the beautiful fall colors enhance your experience; and the the grass has had a summer of careful grooming. Add in a backdrop of gorgeous mountains, and you have an unbeatable experience on your hands. Gather up a group of friends and head over to the Haymaker Golf Course or the Rollingstone Ranch Golf Club! Either one makes for a great experience.

Don’t neglect the springs

If you come to Steamboat Springs, it only makes sense to get into the hot springs at least once! We recommend Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Just 10 minutes away from Steamboat, it’s a set of geothermally-heated pools surrounded by an aspen grove. The cool fall breeze will make your time in the mineral waters more relaxing and refreshing, and you’ll feel better the rest of the day.

Don’t miss out on Steamboat Springs in the fall. We want to welcome you to our luxury real estate today!