Face to Face

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When it comes to sales, the deal for The Porches Managing Broker Beth Postemski is about putting people first.

The thing that separates Beth Postemski from other brokers is that she’s dedicated herself to working exclusively with The Porches. Her reason for that is simple: Singular focus means superior understanding. “I like being able to know the product so intimately. I know it better than anyone else,” she says. “Because it’s my only focus, I have that extensive knowledge to really be able to help people understand and to make the best choice.”

She has a few other qualities that set her apart from the rest. Just to name a few:

#1) She’s playing to win for the client 

Beth doesn’t take a challenge lightly. Big or small, high stakes or not, she’s going to throw herself, full-on, into the game. That’s exactly how she came into real estate. What began as a challenge at her job as a waitress to sell the most drinks and desserts turned into her first real estate sales opportunity. She sold her future boss on a drink special and he hired her on the spot. Since then, she’s specialized in focusing on one brand, and is thrilled to have found her home at The Porches. Having Beth as The Porches Managing Broker has proven to be a winning combination, not only for her but for her clients too, many of whom remain lifelong friends. “Most of my original owners still own those same units today because they bought for the right reason,” she says.

#2) She’s a straight shooter.

Beth tells it like it is, plain and simple. There’s no fancy sales jargon or frozen smiles. By working exclusively for The Porches and knowing the product inside and out, she’s able to play matchmaker. “I can really help people understand if what they’re buying is going to be appropriate for their lifestyle or not,” she says. “That’s really what it’s about for me is helping people.”

#3) She’s got hometown pride.

Like so many others, Beth came to Steamboat for a week over 30 years ago and stayed for a lifetime. Selling Steamboat isn’t hard for Beth because she loves Steamboat. “I love the people. I love that people are healthy and happy. I love the fact that our town is so cute with the Yampa River running through it. I love being able to hit a trail and be out in nature. I love that we live smack dab in the middle of the Rockies on the Continental Divide, which is special in and of itself. I love that we are a resort, but we’re still a town where the ranching heritage is so rich. I love that kids here wear Wrangler jeans because they just came from the rodeo, or that they’re a future Olympian, training with the Steamboat Winter Sports Club. I love that most the people I met when I moved here 30 years ago are still here. Our valley is really special.”

#4) She’s not going anywhere.

Beth recently left Steamboat Sotheby’s to become a full time Managing Broker for Northstar. “It’s been a busy two years at The Porches as we welcomed several new families into the neighborhood,” Beth says. “To prepare for Phase 2 of development, I have been promoted to Managing Broker at The Porches. I am very excited to connect my next buyer with their dream home at The Porches.”


For questions about sales or to schedule a tour, email Beth Postemski or call 970-846-2395.