Fractional Ownership FAQ Part 1

When it comes to fractional ownership, we at The Porches are eager to help you understand how it works. It is a phenomenal way to access luxury real estate affordably, and we want to help you make memories with your family and friends.

In the next few blogs, we are going to go over frequently asked questions about fractional ownership. Read on!

How does this work?

  • In fractional ownership, multiple owners buy fractional shares of a vacation property from a realtor. The shares include a number of weeks at the property per year. You will not have to handle maintenance and housekeeping.

This sounds complex – is it?

  • Absolutely not. It is very like a normal real estate transaction. It includes a purchase agreement between the buyer and the seller as well as an agreement among the property owners.

Who is fractional ownership best for?

  • Fractional ownership will be ideal for you if you want the benefits of luxury real estate and management services, but it isn’t logical for you to have full ownership. Full ownership often doesn’t make sense when you are not going to occupy the property consistently.

We offer whole, half, and fractional ownership of our luxury dream homes. Depending on what you’re looking for, we have small, medium, and large properties to accommodate your needs. We invite you to contact us and learn more about all we offer. Steamboat Springs is a world-class mountain resort, and an investment here will always be a good one. Call now!

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