Fractional Ownership FAQ Part 5

In our last blog, we shared some frequently-asked questions about fractional ownership of luxury real estate. We are Steamboat Springs’ premier luxury real estate company, and we offer world-class vacation homes that can be enjoyed all year round.

We offer whole, half, and fractional ownership of our properties. Today, we are going to finish up our examination of common questions about fractional ownership.

Is there a good chance fractional ownership is what I need?

  • Generally, there are two major groups of of people who invest in fractional ownership: those who are wealthy enough to have properties in many locations. The second group wants more than a condo, and have realized they can pay the same amount for fractional ownership of luxury real estate.

Who will buy the other fractions, and how will the property be cared for?

  • Other people in the same position as yourself will invest in the other fractions of the property. They, too, will be looking for the benefits of luxury real estate and yet be unable to justify paying for all the maintenance. And speaking of that maintenance, when you work with The Porches of Steamboat, we will take care of the maintenance and cleaning of your property.

What kinds of monthly expenses will I pay?

  • All operating costs are split evenly among all the owners – according to the size of their share. Generally, you will be paying utilities, HOA dues, trash, snow removal, insurance, accounting, and Internet/TV/phone.

Steamboat Springs is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Contact The Porches to learn how you can own a piece of property at our gorgeous resort.