Fractional Ownership FAQs

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How often can I use my home?

With eighth share ownership you will enjoy six weeks of stay per year. You can also reserve additional days when space is available.


Will I always stay in the same residence?

No. Owners have access to all residences with an identical floor plan to their purchased plan. Owners may request a specific residence in their floor plan which will be granted whenever possible.


What type of storage is available for Owners of eighth shares?

As an owner of eighth share ownership you will have plenty of storage space for toys, clothes and family mementos. Your Porches home comes fully furnished and with your scheduled time at The Porches all you need to do is arrive!


Are pets allowed?

The Porches has one home specifically designated for those that have furry friends. Wagging tails welcome!


Is my time rentable?

Yes. Owners may rent their home (see Rules & Regulations).


Can I exchange my time with other luxury rental properties?

Yes. Owners may exchange time via The Registry Collection (see the Exchange Program Summary).


For more questions about full ownership and fractional ownership sales at The Porches, email Beth or call 970-879-0600.