How Getting Away Improves Your Life II

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When life gets busy, people tend to think less about how to relieve their stress and more about how to cope with their stress. Coping with your stress can be a short-term solution, but ultimately, you’ll need to make a plan in regards to how you can relieve your stress and re-align your life to include more balance and relaxation.

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In our last blog, we began to discuss the ways in which getting away improves your life. Today, we will continue to discuss why getting away is important to your well-being.

Getting Away Relieves Stress

As we mentioned in the beginning of this post, stress needs to be relieved. When you get away from your everyday environment and the hustle and bustle of daily life, you can actually protect your body from the harmful impacts that chronic stress has on our ability to fight-off sickness. When you take the time to take care of your body, your body will take care of you. You’ll be amazed at what a well-rested and relaxed body can do to improve your quality of life!

Getting Away Can Help In Preventing Heart Disease

Keeping in theme with stress and sickness, stress is a leading cause of high blood pressure and heart disease. When you make planning time away from the things in your life that cause the stress you’re dealing with a priority, you are actively fighting against letting stress negatively impact your health. Surveys have found that people who take the time to get away report not only feeling healthier, but actually being healthier with lower blood pressure and less chronic stress.

Getting Away Makes You Happier

Finding ways to feel happy is the perfect antidote to stress. The structures of our brains can actually be altered by exposure to stress hormones, which contribute to depression and anxiety. Getting away to a new surrounding, taking time for yourself to enjoy the things you want to do, and resting all play a role in combating stress and feeling the impacts of depression and anxiety. When you’re happy, the quality of your life is boosted dramatically.

In our society, we are expected to live with stress in our daily lives. When you are surrounded by an environment that tells you that stress is the norm and you just need to cope, you know something has gone terribly wrong! Don’t let your environment dictate what you know to be true: getting away will indeed improve your quality of life and you’ll be happier and healthier for it.

The Porches can provide you with options for luxury real estate in Steamboat Springs that will allow you to get away and experience the amenities and services you’ll want for the most relaxing and re-energizing time away you could have hoped for.

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