Growing up in the ‘Boat

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Calling Steamboat home is one thing, but having the opportunity to grow up here is even better

A magical town tucked in the heart of the Yampa Valley, Steamboat Springs, is a place unlike any other in Colorado. Before Steamboat was a major ski destination, it had deep roots in Western and ranching culture, a true cowboy town. Our town’s ski history began with Howelsen Hill, the oldest operating ski area in North America, boasting 98 Steamboat winter Olympians training on it’s historic hills. Steamboat is more than Ski Town U.S.A… it’s a small community of individuals that all have an immense love for the outdoors and the special place we call home.

There are endless opportunities for adventure seekers to take on the outdoors and as a child living in the Yampa Valley, there are youth programs available for just about any interest. The Steamboat Springs school district is ranked number 2 in the state and continually recognized as a District of Distinction. We could name a million reasons why Steamboat is the ideal place to raise a family, but the most important of all is the community. The opportunity to grow up in a small town with a true sense of community and outstanding local involvement is few and far between these days. You could say that growing up in Steamboat seems like a dream… and for some it is. We talked to a long time Steamboat local about growing up in this town and what it means to still be living here today.

What was it like growing up in Steamboat?

Growing up in Steamboat is unlike anywhere else. Kids have such freedom here to ride their bikes around town, there’s a great free city bus, and in general kids are more carefree and independent. Parents aren’t as worried when you say you’re going to ride your bike and then tube the river with friends whereas in cities parents have a greater concern, here it’s just safer. The community comes together to take care of one another and that’s a big part of growing up and living here.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have all of the youth programs that they have now, but we still had so much to do all the time. These days it’s even easier to find something to take part in and become a part of the community. 

What opportunities did you have as a kid that you don’t you would have had anywhere else?

There is always an opportunity to get outside and enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, biking, tubing… you name it. While a lot of kids have TV and video games to pass the time, kids in Steamboat have a great appreciation for the town they live in. So they really go out and try to enjoy it.

What do you love about living here now as an adult?

I still love living here as much as I did when I was younger. So many of the events that I didn’t appreciate as a kid I now love as an adult and the list of events just keeps growing, there is always something to do. The people that live here all have an adventurous side, so it’s easy to find something to do. The sense of community here is also important; there is nowhere else like Steamboat.

A few favorite youth programs

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club is a non-profit organization that allows young athletes to develop and hone their skills while getting them involved in the community. With 6 winter Olympians currently on the staff you could stay the SSWSC has the best coaches in the nation. Whether your child is looking to place on the Olympic podium or just enjoy time skiing with their friends they’re sure to find their passion with this club.

The Bud Werner Memorial Library is an incredible resource for children of all ages in Steamboat. Offering not only a quiet and comfortable place to do homework or work on class projects, they all offer a vast amount of free weekly youth programs.

Perry Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp is the oldest operating performing arts camp in the country that brings in 250 students each summer from around the country. Offering programs in dance, theatre, emerging art, discovery, and equestrian, your child is sure to find something they’ll enjoy while making lasting friendships.

Rocky Mountain Youth Corp began in the early 90s in response to a need for more youth employment, recreational and educational opportunities. The purpose of RMYC’s programs is to develop the strength and potential of children and young adults imparting on them the importance of sustained environment.

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