Hike Smart This Fall! Part 1

We’ve discussed some great things to do in Steamboat Springs during the fall, and hiking is a significant one. Steamboat Springs is full of trails for both hiking and biking, and if you’ve never experienced the pleasure of unwinding in front of a roaring fire after a hike, you need to make plans to do so! Whether you like to hike long distances or you’re happy with small loops, Steamboat has something to accommodate and exhilarate you. You can look forward to crisp mountain air, glowing golden aspen, and awe-inspiring vistas. It’s important to us that you come back from your hike safe and sound, and that is why we are going to take the next few blogs to share some important tips for hiking safely.

Avoid bothering the local flora and fauna

  • While you’re hiking, you may see berries or leaves that look appealing or familiar. Avoid touching or consuming them. Too many people have confidently consumed berries and leaves, thinking they know exactly what they’re dealing with, and then have gotten very sick. You don’t want to be incapacitated when you’re on an isolated trail!
  • Wandering off the trail increases your chances of running into animals hidden in the undergrowth, like snakes. Stick to the trail and if you see a wild animal, never try to approach it, much less feed it. You are there to view only!

Bring a first aid kit

  • Steamboat Springs works hard to maintain all the trails, but rocks get loose and roots mess up the surface. Even though nobody embarks on a hike expecting to get injured, anything can happen when you’re on a mountain trail. Make sure you bring a first aid kit so you can handle minor injuries – even if you’re just doing a one mile loop!

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