Hike Smart This Fall! III

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Any good vacation has a balance of activity and rest. Steamboat Springs is the perfect place to do both of these things! Now that it’s fall, we can’t recommend our hiking trails enough. There’s a full range of difficulties, so whether you want to make a day of it, or a simple afternoon jaunt is your style, you can find a trail to fit you. No matter where you go, you’ll enjoy fall colors, exhilarating views, and refreshing air. Afterwards, you can look forward to relaxing in your luxury vacation home in The Porches of Steamboat.

In our last blog, we discussed the importance of bringing water and knowing where to find help. Today, we have two more great insights to follow when going on a hike!

Wear Appropriate Clothing

  • Hikes are recreational, and the best way to get the most out of them is to dress appropriately. The key is layers. Temperatures can change quickly in the mountains, and if you’re able to remove and add layers as you go, you’ll be able to handle temperature changes without health risks. Bring along some rain gear just in case.
  • Shoes are an important part of your gear. Avoid low shoes and go for boots that will support your ankles. Otherwise, you risk twisted ankles and knee injuries.

Leave No Trace

  • Don’t drop wrappers, water bottles, or other trash along the trail – that almost goes without saying. Discarded trash often entices animals to the trail, which can make things dangerous for anyone hiking behind you. It’s equally important to avoid disturbing rocks, because doing so can cause rock slides. Just pass through and enjoy the view!

Lodgings don’t just provide a place to rest and re-energize for the next day of your vacation, they facilitate relationships and¬†community. Whether you’re getting away with friends or family, you’ll want lodgings that give you all the ability to sit down and chill. The last thing you all want is to get back home feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation! The Porches of Steamboat is a neighborhood of beautiful vacation homes available for partial, half, and full ownership. Each one is different, which makes it possible for us to meet a wide array of needs. When you stay with us, not only do you get access to a world-class home and community center, we’ll do your grocery shopping for you so the fridge and cupboards are stocked when you arrive. Learn more about our homes for sale today!

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