How Hiking Benefits Your Health – Part 1

Oceans  are fine, but we’re partial to mountains. We can’t help it – we live in Steamboat Springs! There’s nothing like the clear, cool air, the sight of peaks washed in sunlight, and the blaze of flowers up and down the ski runs. July is in full swing, and the beautiful heights are full of mountain bikers, runners, and hikers. The Porches at Steamboat really shine during the summer: there’s no better time to enjoy a porch!

One of the best summer pastimes in the mountains is hiking. Hiking is wonderful, because you don’t have to be able to scale mountains to enjoy it. If all you can do is hike across a meadow, you’ll still experience the invigorating glory of the mountains. Even better, you’ll enjoy your porch even more. There’s nothing like relaxing into the satisfying weariness that follows a great hike! The thing is, hikes aren’t just pleasant things to do – they deliver actual health benefits. In the next few blogs, we’re going to discuss how hiking is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

It’s a Full-Body Workout

  • Getting up a hill or over some rocks requires whole-body participation. Just using your walking muscles won’t work! Your glutes, hamstrings, and and quads will feel a majority of the burn, but the rest of your body gets to participate, too! You get even more of a workout if you use trekking poles or carry a backpack. We definitely recommend you carry a backpack – how else will you keep your trailmix and water conveniently at hand? Not only will your backpack provide convenience, it will add a little weight and force your muscles to work harder. After hiking, you’ll feel the benefits all over, and though you may be sore in the morning, it will be the right kind of sore!

Keeps Diabetes at Bay

  • Because hiking works your muscles so well, your body pulls glucose from your bloodstream for energy. As a result, hiking regularly gives you an edge against diabetes. If you already have diabetes, hiking will keep it under control. If you don’t have diabetes, hiking will keep it away. Best of all, it’s easier to be motivated to walk in the mountains. Who doesn’t look forward to seeing the beauty of the aspen groves, wildflowers, and high peaks? Mountains provide inspiration, immediate rewards, and unlimited adventure. Try doing that, ocean!

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