How Hiking Benefits Your Health – Part 2

When it’s time to get away from the daily grind, you have many different options. Do you head to a beach in Mexico? Maybe in Oregon? Maybe you want to visit a city. We’re here to bring your attention to the best vacation destination possible: the Rocky Mountains! More specifically, Steamboat Springs!

Steamboat Springs is a world-famous ski resort, but it shines all year round.┬áIt provides fantastic activities no matter what time of year it is. Right now, it’s July, which means we’re in the middle of hiking season. The Porches at Steamboat are full of families and friends enjoying the mountains during the day and the porches in the evening. We are proud to be Steamboat’s premium vacation homes, and we’ve worked hard to keep it that way!

If you don’t think hiking is your thing, we have some reasons for you to reconsider! In our last blog, we talked about how hiking gives you a whole-body workout and combats diabetes by giving your body the incentive it needs to pull glucose from your bloodstream. In today’s blog, we have two more ways that hiking can significantly impact your health for the better.

Hiking is Social

  • Though the point of hiking is generally to escape the crowds, it’s essential to use the buddy system. You are headed into the wilderness, after all! As a result, people end up meeting over the weekend or each morning to hike together. When you find a hiking buddy, you’ll love how your bond grows while you get healthier and healthier – you get double benefits! Even better, hikers are a strong, friendly community that will help you change your hikes from a chore to a lifestyle. As a result, you’ll stick with hiking longer and really get to experience all the benefits. You’ll never run out of new spaces to explore, either!

Hiking Combats Depression

  • Research has shown that hiking makes an incredible addition to therapy for people with severe depression. Getting out and moving through nature makes people feel less hopeless. And while the psychological benefits are massive, we can’t forget the endorphins released by physical activity. Thanks to hiking, people who habitually spiral downward will find themselves buoyed up by a positive trend reinforced by the chemistry of their bodies. If you get down often, get into the mountains and lose yourself for a while. It will make a true difference.

If you want to kick-start your hiking habit, there’s no better place to stay than The Porches at Steamboat. Our little neighborhood of luxury vacation homes for sale offers intimacy, convenience, and beauty. We offer our properties for fractional, half, and whole ownership, so anyone can invest in a gorgeous vacation home and enjoy several weeks in it every year. The best thing is, you don’t just invest in a vacation home – you invest in five-star services and facilities. You’ll get access to The Barn, a gorgeous building with a business center, heated pool, hot tub, fitness center, steam room, and concierge. We will also keep your vacation home pristine and take care of snow management. You can ride our private shuttle around the resort or take it into town. We’ll even do your grocery shopping for you in advance so you can arrive to a full fridge and cupboard. This is especially helpful when you’ve got 10 or more people joining you.

Not only do we offer different ownership arrangements, each of our homes is unique. We will work with you to make sure the house you get is a perfect fit for you, your family, or your friends.

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