How Hiking Benefits Your Health – Part 3

Have you ever looked down a mountain path and wondered what was around the corner? It’s one of the best, most adventurous feelings there is. If you haven’t experienced it, you’re missing out. You need to get to Steamboat Springs as soon as possible. Summer is still in full swing, and we’re headed toward fall, when your hike will be glorious with gorgeous colors. When you do, make sure you invest in our luxury real estate and ask us where the best hiking paths are. We know the Steamboat Springs mountains well, and we can send you to a path made for your fitness level.

We’ve been talking about hiking in our last blogs, and believe it or not, we aren’t finished! Hiking is an incredible mountain activity in summer and fall, mostly because it’s so darn simple. You find a buddy, a path, and you travel it for a while together while drinking in beautiful aspen groves, alpine meadows, and pine forests. Yes, please! In our last blog, we explored how hiking helps people form deeper connections and keep depression at bay. Today, we have two more healthy benefits of pounding the trails to discuss!

Hiking Boosts Your Fitness

  • This one may seem overly obvious, but it’s so important, we couldn’t leave it out. Did you know that an hour-long hike can burn over 500 calories? Hills are calories’ worse enemy, and if you add a backpack, you’ll burn them faster. The altitude just takes it from there and makes it even faster. Basically, you can burn a lot of calories without running. Many hiking trails are kinder to joints than concrete and asphalt, so your knees and ankles will protest less. Hiking truly is one of the most effective fitness activities there is!

Hiking Gives You Control

  • Leave the intrusive fitness trainer behind and drink in the peace of the mountains! Hiking almost requires you to sit down and chart your course, deciding how many hills you want to tackle and how far you want to go. Whether you land on a morning hike, a weekend away, or something longer, you have control from start to finish. You can plan trips with your hiking buddy and motivate each other to get around that mysterious corner and find vistas you’ve never seen before. For many people, that is more motivating than having someone hound them through a gym routine. Stay at The Porches and try it!

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