Why You Should Invest in a Private Residence Club

Maybe you’ve considered investing in some luxury real estate so you can have a vacation home you can frequent, but you don’t like the idea of having two mortgages and two homes to manage. In fact, the idea of traveling to your vacation home only to have to clean it, repair anything broken, and spend the whole trip doing anything but relaxing sounds completely deplorable.

Or perhaps you love traveling too much to settle on just one location. We don’t blame you, there is a big, wide world out there to see. That’s where investing in a private residence club comes into play. A private residence club is an established community where you can purchase luxury real estate for an affordable rate. When many people purchase, you are able to share the time at the residence, but also share the maintenance costs and risks.

When you invest at The Porches of Steamboat, you get a minimum of six weeks at our beautiful and premier community in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies. But perhaps you don’t want to come to Colorado every year. That’s okay too! Our private residence club has partnered with The Registry Collection in order to help you see the world. Much like a timeshare, you are able to trade weeks on your property with us in order to help you travel to other destinations around the world. Due to the nature of our community, you will have excellent trading potential across a diverse selection of locations.

Don’t wait! Contact us today at The Porches of Steamboat in order to secure your luxury real estate and trading potential now!