Life on the Back Porch


Life on the back porch with Domenick & Joann Galluzzo

For this retired couple from Fairfield Connecticut, time spent with family dining al fresco and gazing up at the mountains is what it’s all about.

Like so many others, the Galluzzo’s discovered Steamboat somewhat by accident. They were on a road trip back in 1974 traveling from Rocky Mountain National Park to Utah when they stopped in Steamboat, a town they knew nothing about. “It was the summer Nixon was going to leave office and we were driving along Route 40 when we decided we had to stop and watch it on TV,” Domenick says. “We stayed in a hotel for the night and we were surprised the people were very friendly.” A few years later, they bought a timeshare. Then they bought a condo, then a bigger condo and 11 years ago they landed at The Porches where they now live full time.

We caught up with Domenick to talk family, golf, and slowing down to enjoy the view.


How many members are in your family?

My wife and I have three children and eight grandchildren


What is it about Steamboat that you love?

From the first time we came here to visit in 1974, we loved that it was a very friendly community. We bought a timeshare on the mountain in the late ‘70s and then we converted it into a full unit. Our kids would come out, and when they got older they brought all their friends.

It got to the point where the unit was too small. So we bought a 4-bedroom condo but still, the living space wasn’t big enough. We happened to come to The Porches because someone told us they have very nice amenities and we should go see it. We walked in and fell in love and that was it. We’ve been here 11 years.


What are some of your favorite Steamboat activities?

We play a lot of golf over at Haymaker; we have a season pass there, and a season pass at the mountain. In summertime, we pack a lunch and go hiking. And of course we have our kids come whenever they can with the grandchildren. Everybody enjoys skiing and they love Steamboat in the summer.


What is your favorite thing to do off the mountain?

We enjoy Strings on the Mountain, and spending time outside in summertime. We have a beautiful porch. We always have lunch and dinner outside with a view of the mountain and it’s beautiful.


Why did you choose to buy at The Porches?

When we walked in and saw the workmanship that went into it and the quality of construction, we knew it was the place to be.


If you had to recommend one place for people to check out when they visit, what would it be?

Hiking in the Flat Tops in the summertime and visiting the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Other than that, golf and skiing is all we need!