Market Update

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As we head into the cooler weather and changing colors of fall, let’s take a moment to look back on the real estate market this summer in Steamboat.

The 1st quarter of this year saw predictably lower numbers than those of our jam-packed summer season.  May and July saw impressive increases over last year with a 26.82% and 18.57% increase in transactions. While the dollar volume of transactions was up, the number of transactions for May, June, and July were actually down from last year. This increase in sales volume and decrease in the number of transactions points to an increase in property value in the last year.

The mountain area accounted for 38.73% of transactions in July, continuing its long reign as leader in number of transactions over other areas in Steamboat. For comparison downtown account for 10.56% and Fish Creek Falls accounted for 4.23% of the total number of transactions in July.

Porches Update

We are so excited to have recently welcomed a new family to The Porches in a fractional share. Our 1/8th shares offer 3 weeks in the winter and 3 weeks in the summer with option for additional weeks based on availability. There has never been a better time to pay for the time you want to spend while owning in a multi-million-dollar home.

We are looking forward to a fantastic fall here in Steamboat and if that past is any indication fall is the time for buyers.

2nd Quarter Numbers

$267,866,094 in gross volume for May 1, 2019- July 31, 2019.

406 transactions for May 1, 2019- July 31, 2019.

$198,855,603 in transactions in the mountain area YTD.

The mountain area accounts for 38.34% of the total number of transactions YTD.

The mountain area accounts for 44.38% of the total dollar volume of transactions YTD.

For more information on the Steamboat market or Porches ownership opportunities, contact The Porches sales team.