Off The Hill

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The insider’s guide to non-skiing activities.

Fun fact: you don’t have to be a die-hard skier to have fun in Steamboat.

And the truth is, the more time you spend here the more spoiled you become when it comes to skiing. What? The sun isn’t out? The sky isn’t that deep shade of denim blue? It didn’t just snow six inches? It’s a little too cold/windy/crowded? Lift lines are too dang long?

Here’s an idea: skip the resort for today. Because there are a lot of fun, unique, only-in-Steamboat kind of experiences waiting for you. We’re not talking about the touristy stuff (no overpriced hay rides, no horse-drawn sleigh diners). Here are a few of our favorite things:

Call it a spa day at Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

Everyone knows about the Strawberry Park Hot Springs because they happen to be one of the most beautiful natural spring-fed hot springs in Colorado, if not the entire Rocky Mountain region. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the massage therapy program at Strawberry Park is a one-of-a-kind spa day like nothing you’d experience anywhere but here.

Let’s just say the massage program isn’t just a sideshow. It’s not one of those hokey chairs like they have at the airport. Massages are given inside lovely, charming huts with stone floors and the sound of the brook bubbling outside—forget about that cheesy relaxation music they play at overpriced spas—this is the real thing. And their massage therapists are some of the best in the area. Watsu, or water massage, is a unique offering that’s done in a private pool right outside the massage hut—something to put on your bucket list if you haven’t tried it yet. Plan to soak in the pools beforehand to warm up and get relaxed and then after your treatment to make sure you stay that way. Click here for pricing and information.

Skiing the old fashion way—and minus the crowds.

Okay, so technically this is still skiing, but if you want to get some exercise, fresh air, and escape the crowds, exploring the peace and quiet of the surrounding wilderness on cross-country skis can’t be beat. Just a short drive away, the summit of Rabbit Ears Pass is an oasis of scenic, cross country ski trails through deep forests where you can go out for two hours without ever having to wait in a liftline. Or check out Catamount, with its network of groomed trails (ideal for both skate skiing and classic x-country) and a lovely clubhouse where you can go for a well-deserved lunch afterwards. There are actually several good options for cross-country skiing in and around Steamboat, a great alternative to getting on snow, and for a fraction of the price. For more info, click here. 

Forget about downhill skiing—go for a downward dog.

The best possible thing you can do in between those leg-burning ski days is to stretch it all out with a good yoga class, and Steamboat has plenty of places to get your “om” on. Whether you like the intensity of a heated class (nothing better on a cold day) or prefer the meditative quality of a gentle stretch class, there are a lot of options to choose from. For one of the prettiest studios around, check out the Yoga Center of Steamboat, located in the heart of downtown, and right on the banks of the Yampa River. Offering everything from traditional Vinyasa Flow and restorative yoga to Yoga for Ski Conditioning, the Yoga Center of Steamboat has one of the most complete and diverse offerings in town. If you like it hot, check out VIRV Yoga. The studio is small, but offers Bikram method classes (the same 26-posture sequence) as well as fusion classes that combine Bikram with more of a flow style, practiced with music. It’s the perfect way to warm up—and stretch out—on a super cold day. If you just want a basic class, the fitness center at the Old Town Hot Springs offers affordable yoga classes for all levels.

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