One Family’s Dream Home

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For the Boglioli family, their home at The Porches has been a dream come true.

 When the Boglioli family first visited The Porches over a decade ago, it was love at first sight. From that day on they began building their dream family home. A place that now, 15 years later, has become a home they can share with their children and grandchildren.

At The Porches, we’re known for our sense of community and belonging amongst our owners and guests. The Boglioli’s, and all of the other families that call our private 20-acre neighborhood home, are a large part of what makes The Porches such an incredible place to live.


Tell us a bit about your family:

We are a family of 6 with 4 adult children, 2 in their 30’s who are married with families of their own and live on the east coast, and 2 in their 20’s both of whom live in Steamboat.  Our entire family now numbers 14!


How did your family end up in Steamboat?

In the late 1980’s, we began skiing in Snowmass with our (then) 2 children.  Through the kids’ school, we met another family who also enjoyed family ski trips and decided we would take one together. Since that family had recently purchased a condo in Steamboat, they invited us to join them during Spring Break (March – only the absolutely most delightful month for skiing in Steamboat!).  Even though we loved our Steamboat trip, we still returned to our old standby Snowmass the following year.  What we found out was that we loved Steamboat so much that we stayed for 3 days in Snowmass and then drove to Steamboat to spend the rest of our vacation.  That was in 1992 – and Steamboat has been our family ski destination every year since!


What do you love about Steamboat? Any favorite activities?

I think what we love most about Steamboat is that it isn’t just a ski town.  The town didn’t come to exist because the ski resort was constructed.  Steamboat is not an “if you build it, they will come” sort of place.  Rather, Steamboat has a rich history dating back to the early exploration of the “wild west” and that heritage is still visible today.  We love what Steamboat offers as a ski resort – Bob skis without fail every day he is in town and, in the summer, Joan is on the mountain either on foot or on a bike, nearly every day.  We love the resort in all seasons, but we also love the ranching heritage that you can see in town – the rodeo, F.M.Light, the 4th of July parade.  And let’s not forget the Yampa River – tubing is a favorite summer afternoon pursuit.

We love that the people are as varied as the activities the town offers.  Besides their innate kindness, those who seem to settle in Steamboat are creative, interesting, quirky, fun and just plain nice people.


What made The Porches the perfect place for your family to build their home?

We first saw The Porches model in 2003.  While we had been looking for a place to buy here, we did not enter The Porches model with that in mind – to be honest, there was a heavy wind on the mountain that day, the gondola had been shut down and we couldn’t ski, so we were occupying our afternoon.  But, when we walked in the door, “WOW” does not adequately explain our reaction.  There was nothing on the market that we had seen that came anywhere close to The Porches at that time.  Quality of construction; proximity to the mountain, City Market, and the hospital (hopefully never to be necessary!); and most importantly, the developer’s vision for a community of active families who loved to be outdoors and who appreciated luxury and quality, but didn’t demand the trappings of pretense, suited us.  We decided to buy that very first day and have never looked back – there has never been one moment of regret.

What we love now hasn’t changed much from the beginning, but our “house” at The Porches has really become our “home” and The Porches staff is a part of our extended family.  There is no place where we feel as comfortable and as at peace as we do when we are at home here.


How do you use your Porches home as an entertaining space?

Well, to begin, did I mention that we have 4 kids and 6 grandkids?  That right there is the most important way that we use our home for entertaining.  Everyone is at our house for at least one week during the winter season.  Yes, it’s bedlam, but in a good way.  And, fortunately, the layout and styling of our Porches home is conducive to multiple generations living under one roof.  Everyone has a space to be.  It’s perfect.

Over our years here, we also hosted other family members (one of our older kids was married at the top of the mountain and a lot of family was in from out-of-town), college friends, work colleagues, even work-related events.  They have all been wowed by the property and the town.  Probably our favorite entertaining tradition is our annual Christmas Eve Fondue party – a great place to witness the varied personalities in town!


What were your thoughts when planning your 2018 deck remodel?

Because we love being outdoors so much, we wanted to expand our porch to create an additional deck area that wouldn’t be under an overhang.  The many days of sunshine in Steamboat are too precious to be spent in the shade.  We also wanted it to feel very open when you are sitting outside, not as though we were enclosed in a room.  Rather than to keep the wooden railing that existed on our house, we opted to replace it with a steel railing that almost disappears when you are on the deck.  We believe this will cut down on the maintenance required by our addition.  While we still have the ability to sit in the shade during the hottest part of July, we now have more space for family dinners and relaxation.  We even have our own firepit for s’mores with the grandkids.  We couldn’t be happier with the end results and are busy fully enjoying our new outdoor room.


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