One Heck of a Recommendation


How a family recommendation led this family to their heaven on Earth…

For this Texas family, Steamboat, and The Porches, has become their home away from home. After staying at The Porches as rental guests for many years, Scott and Dena took the leap and purchased a fractional share. Now, several years down the road, they’ve been able to host many friends in their Steamboat home.

As with each of our owners, it has been such a wonderful experience to see their family grow over the years and to share in their love of Steamboat. We continually look forward to hearing about their latest adventures as they discover more and more about what the Yampa Valley has to offer.

Tell us about your family:
We are a family of 4 from Houston; my husband and I have two teenage boys. We started coming to Steamboat 12 to 13 years ago. Our boys were just toddlers when they learned to ski on the mountain and from there, they spent many weeks in ski school on the mountain! We fell in love and can’t wait to get back as often as possible. My husband and I do take his and hers trips with friends; one of us enjoys the cool fall air as well.

What brought you to Steamboat?

Skiing is what initially drew us to Steamboat; we had heard that the ski school in Steamboat was the best. We also have family that spend a lot of time in Steamboat and encouraged us to visit.

What do you love about having a home in Steamboat?

We love the fresh air, the skiing, the hiking in the fall and the general down to earth feel of Steamboat. You can go to dinner in your ski boots if you want – no one will judge you!

When we aren’t skiing, we enjoy snowmobiling and hiking. Most recently we tried dog sledding and ice fishing both on a lake as well as fly fishing the river – which were awesome experiences.

How did you find The Porches?

Once again, a family member had recommended The Porches to us; we visited for a number of years before becoming fractional owners.

What do you enjoy about the Porches experience so far?

I am ready to live here year-round! It is awesome… we love the staff, the impeccably kept grounds and just the way the houses are maintained! We feel it’s a piece of heaven on earth.

Favorite restaurants: Salt and Lime, Besame’ (especially the drink menu), Table 79 and the Truffle Pig after a day of skiing.

Favorite hikes or trails: Fish Creek Falls of course and we love to just hike up the mountain in the fall. I also love to run along the Yampa River Core Trail when I am training.