Ownership Options at The Porches

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When it comes to owning a piece of luxury real estate in Steamboat Springs one of the best options is a home at The Porches of Steamboat. There are several ownership options available when you are looking to purchase a home in this amazing community. The different options of levels of ownership are one of the great things about The Porches. You can have full ownership of a one of these amazing home, or you can opt for half ownership or even fractional ownership. You get a home to call your own as well as all the perks of living in Steamboat Springs. Whether you ski all winter or hike, bike, tube and relax through the summer, you can have it all in Steamboat.

Ownership Options

Whole Ownership

When you are looking for a home to purchase in Steamboat Springs, be sure to consider a home at The Porches. An opportunity like this doesn’t come along every day. These amazing homes have all the amenities and a style that speaks of a level of luxury that you and your family deserve. Lodge-style homes mix rustic and traditional style with modern amenities that will make your feel spoiled yet grounded. We offer seven floorplans to choose from. Square footage ranges from 3,167 to 5,019, giving all the family and friends you bring with you plenty of room.

  • Bedrooms offer ample sleeping space and include bunk bed rooms so you can have all the kids join in the fun.
  • All our homes feature large windows, multiple fireplaces, high ceilings, and rooms for privacy as well as communal gathering spaces.
  • Natural material of timber beams, tile floors, wooden shutters and granite countertops give these homes a cabin or lodge feel that mountain living should have.
  • Kitchens are made for cooking and gathering. You’ll find everything a gourmet needs, with Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances and bars with stools for those who consider cooking a spectators sport.
  • Master Bedrooms have oversized walk-in closets, gas fireplaces, and an ensuite bathroom with a double split vanity, soaking tub and a shower with a rain showerhead.

As you’d expect, every home has a  porch for you and your family to sit on, soak in the view of the mountains, watch the children play and to just relax and be in the moment.

Half Ownership

Making the most of less than total ownership, half ownership gives you 50 percent deed stake in the home. This means six months of the year, the gorgeous home is yours to enjoy. The time is divided into two-month blocks. The calendar allows you to plan up to five years in advance. The home is fully furnished, so you don’t have move in and out, just stow your personal items, toys, clothes and sports gear in the spacious storage area. Enjoy the best of Steamboat Springs at your own home. You will have one specific home deeded to you, so you will always stay at the same place, allowing your to soak in the views you will surely come to love and cherish.

Fractional Ownership

When you participate in fractional ownership of one of the lodge-style luxury homes at The Porches, you are guaranteed a minimum of six weeks vacation time at The Porches. Imagine that, six weeks of residence at our amazing, down-to-earth community, with all the privileges of our world-class service and full access to all the amenities. You get to relax and enjoy a home in Steamboat Springs without having to worry about the financial burden single ownership can bring or the maintenance of a home. You get amazing service, flexibility, top-tier service, and oh yeah, Steamboat Spring at your fingertips! You can even have additional weeks when there is availability.

A great way to dip your toe into The Porches, try a rental to see if a home at The Porches speaks to you as we are certain it will. Contact us to make the dream of living in Steamboat Springs a reality.