The Rich History of Steamboat Springs

No matter why you come to Steamboat Springs, you’re visiting an area with rich history. At The Porches at Steamboat, we are proud of our town’s past, and we love that we can provide luxury in a place that has represented health, beauty, and relaxation to the world for many years. In today’s blog, we are going to share Steamboat Springs’s unique story.

  1. Steamboat Springs lies in the Yampa Valley, which was the summer hunting grounds for the Ute Indians for centuries. The springs made it a destination for spiritual and physical healing. Other tribes like the Yampatika Ute and Arapaho gathered there to enjoy the springs’ benefits. French trappers frequented the area, and they gave it the name of Steamboat Springs, because one of the springs made a chugging sound.
  2. In 1874, a businessman named James Crawford visited the Yampa Valley looking for a home. He like the mineral waters and built a home for himself by the Iron Spring. He also built a wooden structure over some other hot springs. In the winter, he went to Boulder, where he convinced some businessmen to help him create the Steamboat Springs Townsite Company. Five families and a newspaper man joined Crawford, and Steamboat Springs was born ten years after he ventured into the valley for the first time.
  3. Crawford became the town’s first mayor in 1900, and in two years, the town expanded to include hotels, stables, banks, stores, and its first electric utility service. Seven years later, the railroad, bringing with it a boom for Steamboat Springs. The valley was full of ranchers by now, and the railroad allowed them to ship cattle. As a result, Steamboat Springs became one of the biggest cattle centers in the United States. Unfortunately, the railroad silenced the chugging spring, which hasn’t been heard since then.
  4. Ranching wasn’t the only thing Steamboat Springs had going for it. The mineral springs themselves drew a crowd of health-conscious people who came to enjoy the scenery and better their wellbeing. Skiing arrived in the area with Carl Howelsen, a Norwegian who brought ski jumping and established skiing as a sport. As a result, people began visiting for the springs, the views, and the skiing.
  5. As you can imagine, the interest in skiing led to exploration for the best locations and ski runs. As time passed, Steamboat became less of a ranch depot and more of a recreational destination. The Storm Mountain resort was established in 1960s, though its name was changed to Mount Werner in honor of an Olympic skier who died in an avalanche.
  6. When you visit Steamboat Springs, you will enjoy its western ranching roots and traditions as well as skiing culture developed by visitors from around the world. Steamboat Springs isn’t just a nice ski area – it’s a world-class one, and it still draws lovers of the sport from all over. It also offers a massive array of summer sports for people to enjoy. And, of course, the springs are there to be enjoyed all year long.

The Porches at Steamboat are lovely vacation homes you can own. They’re tucked into a beautiful neighborhood with The Barn at its center, a beautiful structure featuring a hot tub, heated pool, business center, fitness center, steam room, and a great room with a huge fireplace. That’s not all – you’ll have to come discover the rest for yourself. Make sure you ask us to grocery shop for you, and you’ll arrive to a full fridge and pantry. No matter what time of year, The Porches is where you want to be. Let us help you with whole, half, and fractional luxury real estate ownership!

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