Steamboat Springs, Colorado: The Perfect Place for Runners

cta3revThere’s a reason that many Olympians and professional athletes train for their events in Colorado, and not just along the Front Range. Many individuals venture up to higher altitudes to get the most benefits from their workouts. Working out at higher altitudes is one of the best ways to naturally increase your red blood cell count and to improve your body’s efficiency with oxygen.

Between these benefits, the wonderful Colorado climate, and the availability of athletic events, it’s no wonder many people train and compete in Colorado. If you’re a running buff, maybe it’s time to invest in a vacation home at The Porches of Steamboat to take advantage of the training benefits and racing scene when you’re away from work. When you do train and race at high altitude, don’t forget these tips in order to keep you healthy.

Water, Water, and More Water

Colorado has a very dry climate. You can’t forget much of the state is a semi-arid plain. Anytime you travel to drier climates, you’ll lose more water through your skin. Additionally, altitude factors into this equation. It’s necessary to stay hydrated when training but even more important if you’re training at high altitudes. Consuming enough water can be the difference between being able to train effectively or getting altitude sickness.

Let Yourself Adjust

It takes time to adjust to simply functioning on a daily basis at high altitude, let alone implementing a rigorous training regimen. When you train between 6,000 to 10,000 feet you’re asking a lot of your body. If you don’t allow your body to adjust, you can experience negative side effects such as loss of appetite, reduced muscular repair, difficulty breathing, and even altitude sickness.

The Porches of Steamboat provide the perfect environment to work and play. If you love to run and love the outdoors, then give us a call to invest in your new vacation home!