Structural Associates

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Winner of Mountain Living’s 2017 Home of the Year.

Founded in 1982, Structural Associates is a premier builder of custom homes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Through their personal service and strength of their resources, Structural Associates delivers the highest quality of care and craftsmanship.

When the founders started the company, they were building smaller scale projects and today their homes range from $600 per square foot to $2,000 per square foot with some homes reaching $40 million.

To create the successful company that they are today, Structural Associates has strived for innovation and newness in each project. In 1983, they built a full solar home and have been using renewable resources ever since. The best designers and architects in the world have educated their team and they continually strive to bring new techniques and teachings into their work.

Structural Associates operates on a philosophy that building a home is more than just the materials, but rather an expression of art that evokes emotion. They construct for experience as much as anything else.

This past year a home Structural Associates built in Aspen was awarded Mountain Living’s 2017 Home of the Year. This exquisite 15,000 square-foot-home is an entertainer’s dream featuring an outdoor theater and bar area. The expansive windows throughout the house creates an outdoor experience while indoors. The latest in sustainable technology and close collaboration with the team led to an LEED Silver-certified home. While the home itself is remarkable it’s more than just that. It’s a family home that the owners plan to have for generations, a place where their kids will be able to bring their families one day.

Taking a leap in Steamboat…

Structural Associates’ major markets are Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, and Snowmass, so deciding to build The Porches of Steamboat was an entirely new market for them.

For one of the founders, Bruce Shugart, Steamboat has always been near and dear to his heart because of our town’s sense of community and the feeling that this is a real town with real people. As he said, “In Steamboat, if your car breaks down on the side of the road you’ll have 12 different people stop to help. Nice people just live in Steamboat”.

As he began visiting Steamboat more frequently he couldn’t find a place that he wanted to live, so The Porches of Steamboat was born out of an idea to create a place for himself as much as for anyone else. The end result is a 20-acre private neighborhood like nothing else in a mountain town.

Our homes at The Porches are some of the most impeccably crafted homes in Steamboat Springs. Not a single detail was overlooked in creating the highest quality luxury home with a timeless elegance. After over a decade many of our homes still look brand new. When you walk into a Porches home that was built 12 years ago you would never be able to tell. Our homes have been expertly crafted to look and feel as if they’re brand new and they’ll look and feel that way for years to come.

Today, The Porches of Steamboat is more than just the houses built here. It’s a place that draws people in and evokes an emotion of belonging. For many of our owners, The Porches is their forever home, the home they plan to retire to permanently.

We are excited to be in the beginning phases of plans for a new build with Structural Associates and cannot wait to see new ideas and innovation they bring to our next homes.


To see more projects and read testimonials visit the Structural Associates website. You can also see Mountain Living’s 2017 home of the year article here.