The Yampa Valley Curse Takes Hold


Yet another tale of the Yampa Valley Curse…

Living in Steamboat, the stories are all the same, people move here looking for a new adventure and as the months and years go by, they just can’t seem to leave. For the brave few that do make it out, it isn’t long until they are drawn back by what the locals call the Yampa Valley Curse.

Jenna, The Porches concierge, is no exception to this age-old tale. After leaving Steamboat only to find herself back here a short time later she found her roots in the hospitality business and grew her passion for photography.  In her short time here at The Porches, she has become an integral part of our Porches family and we couldn’t be luckier to have her.

Tell us about yourself:

Born and raised in Georgia I am the second to youngest of 5 children. I believe growing up in a big family helped with my sense of humor and patience. In 2006, I attended the University of South Carolina where I graduated with a BA in advertising and studio arts photography in 2010. Right as my life was getting off the ground, my Mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s – she was 56 years old.

I thank my lucky stars for my family support – I have 4 beautiful siblings from my Mother and we were in it together.

As we blazed a path into this uncharted territory, I realized how important photography is. While getting together with friends and family to capture the special life moments is incredibly thoughtful for those in the next generation. A defining moment came to me when me and my sisters were going through an old desk belonging to our mother. After prying a few drawers open – we found hundreds of photographs. As we looked through every single photo, it occurred to me how important this moment was and how I felt the need to share my photography with the world.

Memories fade quickly but when you can hold a photo in your hand and share it down through your family generations – that is truly special.

How did you end up in Steamboat?

In July of 2014, I decided to take a sabbatical from my life and try something new. I secured a job at The Motherwell Ranch outside Hayden, CO and packed my car and drove west. This was a seasonal job but I remember dreadfully counting down the days I had left in this special place. Once I arrived back in Georgia, I spent some precious moments with my family and bought a Subaru and came right back. I believe the Yampa Valley Curse is real and it called me home to Steamboat.

I met my partner Travis in 2016 and we have a photography business together – Garner&Co Photography. We truly enjoy sharing our photography with this community and plan to call Steamboat our forever home as we will build a house next year!

What do you love about living in Steamboat?

I love how simple life is here. The air is clean and the sun is always warm. There is so much to do and see right here in the Yampa Valley.

What kind of activities and hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy fly fishing, hiking and spending time with my dog. Our photography business keeps us pretty busy during the summer months with weddings and family portraits.  

How has your Porches experience been?

My experience with the Porches has been truly excellent. Everyone I get to serve is here for the same reasons I am – they want to travel to our little slice of heaven and share in the joy this place breathes.

Jenna’s Recommendations:

Happy hour… Aurum has an excellent happy hour. You can grab a seat down by the beautiful Yampa River and enjoy the cool breeze.

Hiking… I enjoy a hike with a lot of bang for your buck. My favorite hike close to town is Mt. Werner. I enjoy starting at Thunderhead lift and hike up the road. The views from the gondola building are excellent.

Fly fishing… My favorite time to fish is in the spring. I enjoy floating the Yampa with my partner and dog. It is a really fun experience when the water is high!