Top 3 Tax Benefits Of Owning A Second Home

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Second homes can be a wonderful place to escape and unwind, and they are the perfect place to create lifelong memories with your friends and family members. If you’re considering purchasing a second home or a vacation home, there are many tax benefits to doing so. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top three tax benefits of owning a second home.

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Tax Benefit #1: Mortgage Interest

Did you know that when you own a second home, the interest on your mortgage is deductible? That’s right! The same rules that come with writing off the mortgage interest on your first home also apply to your second. If you’re married and filing jointly, you can deduct up to one million dollars. If you’re single, you have the option of deducting up to $500,000.

Tax Benefit #2: Property Taxes

Did you know that when you purchase a vacation home, you can deduct your second home’s property taxes? This number is based on the assessed value of the home, and unlike the mortgage interest tax deduction, there’s no limit on the amount of real estate taxes that can be deducted.

Tax Benefit #3: Rent Out Your Home

Another benefit of owning a second home is that you can rent it out to others. If you rent your home for 14 days or less over the course of a year, your rental income is tax-free (not to mention there’s no limit on what you can charge per day or per week!). This is a great option if you have friends or family members that are looking for a quick weekend getaway. If you’re thinking about renting out your vacation home, remember that if you rent it out for more than 14 days, you must report all of your rental income.

The Porches of Steamboat

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