Travel the World as a Fractional Owner


The Porches of Steamboat Springs allows second homeowners the unique opportunity to own a multi-million dollar home at a fraction of the cost. Through our fractional ownership, our owners are guaranteed six weeks per year plus additional weeks based on availability.

Maintenance free living with luxury amenities is a huge draw for our owners but why not throw in one more perk? As a fractional owner at The Porches our owners have the ability to exchange their weeks through a program that allows them to visit luxury resorts around the world. Welcome to ownership that gives you a home and also the freedom to explore other destinations.

The Registry Collection

Discover a world of luxury vacation opportunities and experiences in some of the most desirable resort destinations.

The Registry Collection allows owners access to more than 500 resorts across 40 locations around the world. If there is ever a time you and your family can’t make it to Steamboat and want to discover a new place, this is an incredible benefit to have. We caught up with one of our fractional owners that have been a part of our family for over a decade to hear about their experience.

The Luongo Family

The Luongo’s are a family of 6 that have been fractional owners at The Porches for the past 12 years. Beth and Pete Luongo realized that their children were getting older and only had so many years left for family trips before their kids were off to college. Steamboat has been a longtime favorite destination for their family, which lead Beth’s parents to purchase a whole ownership at The Porches when the development first started. The Luongo’s loved the space that The Porches had for them to spread out. With the ease and flexibility of fractional ownership, The Porches was the perfect fit for their family.

Tell us what you have loved about Steamboat and The Porches over the years.

Over the years we have had a lot of combinations of family and friends stay with us and you just can’t put a price on the memories we have made. Summer in Steamboat is the best; we enjoy walking in the woods, biking, kayaking, the alpine slide, the rodeo, and hanging out by the pool.  The Porches is the treasure you find at the end of the rainbow… and it doesn’t hurt that my parents live down the block also.

Tell us about your experience with the Registry Collection.

Through The Porches we have been lucky enough to use other properties through the Registry Collection. Over the 12 years we have owned we have visited Italy, Marco Island, San Francisco, Martha’s Vineyard, Chicago, and some others. We always love to return to Steamboat and The Porches is definitely a place that our family treasures.

For more information on fractional ownership and The Registry Collection please contact our sales team at 970-879-0600 or by email.