Yampa River Botanic Park

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A community staple for over two decades.

In the heart of Steamboat Springs, lies a place of tranquility, alive with the flowers, trees, and creatures of the Yampa Valley. Founded by Bob & Audrey Enever, The Yampa River Botanic Park, has been a Steamboat staple since its creation in 1995. What started as a horse pasture, became six acres of ponds and gardens, with over 50 gardens in total. Each garden is unique in its slope, sun exposure, soil, and plantings.

Through partnerships with local community organizations, the Yampa River Botanic Park hosts a multitude of programs for all ages from yoga to concerts to painting classes to theatre performances. Visitors can choose to partake in one of their many programs or simply take a stroll to admire and learn about the plants, flowers, trees and shrubs that are native to our valley. Be sure to stop and admire the Fairy Garden, a collection of tiny fairy houses created by local children in the annual Fairy Garden House Contest. With more than 35,000 visitors each year, it truly is a must-see attraction while visiting Steamboat Springs.

Today, the impeccable landscaping is maintained by both staff and an organization of volunteers. Whether you are you a skilled gardener or trying to learn, volunteering is a wonderful way to give back and learn something new. Completely funded by the generosity of members, donors, and grants, there are many ways to get involved and contribute to the continuation of the park.

During this time of distancing the Yampa River Botanic Park has been a place of solitude and escape for many. By keeping their gates open and encouraging socially distanced programs they’ve provided a haven to those looking to get outside and experience something new.

Favorite Programs and Events

Guided Walking Tours: Wednesdays and Sunday from 10am to 11:30am

Social Distant Gardening: Wednesdays, two shifts from 9am to 10:30am and 10:30am to 12pm

Yoga on the Green: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9am to 10am

Wildflowers and Watercolors: Wednesday August 5th at 11:30am

Music on the Green: Every other Friday morning at 10am

For more information on these events or to donate please visit The Yampa River Botanic Park website.